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A landline without a landline

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) lets you connect a phone to your internet service instead of a traditional phone line. VoiceNet by makes VoIP simple and cost effective.




High-Speed Internet


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Telephony Services for Everyone

Traditional phone lines with crystal-clear conversations and guaranteed availability. This is a perfect choice for those with poor cell coverage in their home. It’s a huge benefit in emergency situations as e911 services quickly provide your location to first responders. This can be a lifesaver when every second counts.

VoiceNet Reliability

All VoiceNet services are kept local on the network and do not go over the internet, ensuring privacy and call quality. Our telephony infrastructure is set up across multiple disparate datacenters in Vegas. This allows for a catastrophic elimination of any single point and the system will retain full functionality.

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Hardware & Installation Process

Landline like service where we provide a phone port for you to connect any analog phone. Our installers can even attach the line to your existing wiring to enable the phone ports throughout your home or business.

Unrivaled Customer Experience technicians will hand-hold you through the whole experience from design to setup to install to finalizing and porting over numbers. You will not be blind-sided having to read complicated pamphlets on how to perform any process. A local technician will also perform live training on how to use advanced features or configure customized auto attendants. All of our support technicians are highly trained to provide help 24x7x365 days a year for any voice needs.  

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