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Do you need High Speed Internet Service & Wifi in Echo Bay? is the recommended Internet Services Provider for thousands in Nevada with new people and businesses using our service every day. has the knowledge and resources to provide all of your top tier internet service needs in Echo Bay.'s High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet is unmatched in service and quality. We have 17 years of experience serving the internet access market. We are a top choice in any area within the wide service range of our network, including in Echo Bay.'s combination of dedication, diligent work, and top tier service have been at the cornerstone of our expansion. It has been our touchstone. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are now aggressively pursuing more service areas within range of our network.

Vast expanses of Nevada are capable of being reached by our microwave radio relays. We provide substantial service in such areas as Las Vegas and its surrounding communities, as well as Boulder City, Primm Valley, Mesquite, Pahrump, and parts of Southern California. We have the experience and the resources to deliver all wireless internet needs.

Our microwave radio transmitters are located in high places such as mountain tops and other high areas all over Nevada and transmit data wirelessly over areas stretching miles. There are no expensive fiber cables to be installed. There is no expensive maintenance in infrastructure to cover this distance. The distance over which data must travel can be less compared to wired solutions which also might have more connections that the data must pass through over the same distance.

Our networks are designed with redundant topologies and for flexibility. This allows our connections to continue to provide dependable service in the case of unexpected challenging circumstances.

Microwave radio transmissions move at speeds close to the speed of light, and can permit wireless internet access rates of up to 1 GHz without difficulty. When weather hazards or environmental causes can disrupt wired internet connectivity, wireless microwave internet access can go on undeterred.

Our technicians are always ready and available to assist you 24/7/365 to address any complications or service issues. Our technical staff are knowledgeable. They seek to solve any complications in one phone call. will be there to provide High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet & Wifi in Echo Bay.

If you are considering High Speed Internet or Wifi service in Echo Bay, please contact us at 702.900.0000 or email us to obtain a quote. We look forward to being of service, and speaking with you soon.

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