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Bespoke internet connections

With ISP.Net temporary internet, we work with you to connect you to our network, whatever that may entail. Call us to find out how we can provide service to your construction site, wind farm or other site using a variety of technologies including microwave, fiber, coax and T1.

Incredible security & features

Ultra fast mobile connection

Today's conventions are highly interactive experiences and exhibitors, organizers and guests demand high speed internet to power their presentations, sales and remote work. Connections have to be reliable and must be added and removed from facilities easily.

Rural Internet

Satellite internet is slow and fiber is expensive in rural locations - but we at ISP.Net have the answer. Our microwave wireless internet can reach remote locations, including Jean, Laughlin and the middle of the desert, with minimal setup and deliver fast, reliable internet.

ISP Made it easy

We can also go the extra mile by stationing experienced network engineers at the event to set up VOIP and VPNs to facilitate access to remote LAN applications and to respond as quickly as possible to any technical problems. t